Put an end to labor-intensive caulking during installation and costly return visits to replace corroded venting. Bio Vent™ from BDM makes pellet stoves — especially corn pellet-fueled stoves — easier to sell, easier to install, and easier to maintain.

Gasket-sealed connections save time:
Bio Vent™ from BDM has been specifically designed to seal without caulking during installation. Using an exclusive pre-installed gasket, Bio Vent pellet stove venting products install in a fraction of the time of other conventional venting products.

Super-corrosion-resistant metal reduces callbacks:
Now you can sell corn-fueled pellet stoves with confidence. All Bio Vent™ products are constructed with AL29-4C 26-gauge Super-Ferrite Stainless Steel — a premium blend of metal that can withstand exhaust that turns other metal to powder! Put simply, that means you won't be called back next year to replace stove venting when your customer burns corn or corn-wood mix fuel pellets.
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